Illustrating the work I did at HBO has slightly been a challenge. Unlike previous roles I’ve had - It was less about the creative design itself and all about the production. I had to abide by a brand guideline of clear spaces, set placements, and strict rules surrounding Key Art. Which requires a different level of skill and maybe a little pride swallowing. While, it is technically easy to show what I did. The challenge lies in showcasing the sheer volume of work that was completed (accurately and fast. I might add).

I employed an assembly line type mind set that required the utmost organization. As one of the most experienced members on my team, I was able to aid some of my fellow coworkers, take on additional titles, and had the pleasure of working with OOH and international campaigns. 

retention assets (in-app & crm) 

print flyers

nfl countdown & odds boost

casino "spin the wheel" promo